RUCKBALL free to play Early Access launch – 2019 05 17

« RUCKBALL » Free to play Early Access launches on May 17th.

RUCKBALL Free to play Early Access launches on Steam after two successful private alphas in 2018.

Paris, 15th May 2019 – French studio ArkRep will launch a brutal zero G multiplayer sport game called RUCKBALL (ex sumocrats) on Steam on May 17th 2019. RUCKBALL is inspired by the Bitmap Brothers Speedball. In a distant future, giant corporations fight for supremacy through broadcasted tournament followed by millions of people. Players compete across the universe in abandonned places converted into improvised sport fields.

RUCKBALL will be launched following 2 private alphas. The game features a brand new gameplay and the new Beachblitz arena.

Game features :

ZERO G : Ruckball is a zero G sports game following the line of “Descent”. There is neither up and down, nor left and right. You manoeuvre in 6 degrees of freedom.
PHYSICS : Ruckball has an advanced engine that can simulate physics, find the right angles and power, adjust your hitting and perform effects with the ball. The possibilities are unlimited.
ADVANCED COOP GAMEPLAY : Ruckball is a high impact 3vs3 sport game. Make perfect passes, strikes and blocks, master your environment to score goals.
SPACE MELEE : Players unleash everything they have to pummel each other into submission to score : you can dodge, punch and blitz. You might encounter some fierce brawl on the road to victory.
CUSTOM : Custom your player by collecting sponsors, emotes and legendary armors.

You can find assets for the game here : RUCKBALL (ex sumocrats ) Presskit

About the ArkRep
The Architects Republic [the ArkRep] is a bunch of architects and programmers based in Versailles, France. They are currently working on their first game : RUCKBALL (ex Sumocrats).