RUCKBALL Early Access goes 1.5 with a major update on November 20th.

Paris, November 14, 2019: After the success of RUCKBALL open beta with more than 25,000 players registered since 17 May 2019, ARKREP is releasing a major update of its brutal sport game based on gravity.
Thanks to the awesome feedback from its community, Ruckball, the lovechild of Descent and Speedball improves day after day and is enriched with new content and features.



Variable gravity environments: Until now, Ruckball offered pure zero gravity environments. From now on, each arena will have its own gravity. You will now have to adapt your gameplay to the physics.

New map: The new Monolith arena is available! It has two corridors where the fighting is fierce. Monolith is suitable for opportunistic players who will be able to emerge in front of the opponent’s goal at the last moment. The double gravity system also allows exceptional long-range strikes.

New interface: The whole UI has been redesigned!

Shop: Ruckball shop finally appears! Users will be able to buy Ruckcoins to modify their armor. You can now support Ruckball’s development by purchasing the official sponsors of the 8 countries most represented by our players: United States, France, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Russia.

HUD: The life bar of the character is now visible, players names and colors are optimized for a better reading of the game.


Ball control (in test): Interception now allows you to control the ball and dribble your opponents. You are now in control!

Shield mode (in test): The character curls up and becomes invincible. It bounces like a ball. Ideal to propel a teammate or to move away an opponent. The shield mode allows you to float in the air or spin on the walls to maintain your speed.


Statistics: Players can now view their careers. Many stats are available in their profile and will allow them to see in which game compartments they need to progress. Yes, competition is about to start…

Leveling: Climb the levels by training in fast games.

Reward: Win the new skin SOV by reaching level 100! All alpha sponsors in your possession are applicable to this skin.

Rankings: Compete against other players by climbing up the rankings: best goalkeepers, best defenders, best striker, best punchers, and number of victories.



Ruckball is a brutal and futuristic multiplayer ball game based on gravity and physics. In the distant future, giant corporations are fighting for supremacy in ultra-mediatized tournaments. No holds barred in space.


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