Devblog 0 : We got it.

A lot of people asked me why I wouldn’t communicate sooner about Sumocrats. The reason is simple. After 6 months of dev I was still unsure about the relevance of the concept. I doubted the gameplay would be cool enough to interest anybody. My first vision of a sci fi sport game seemed altogether perfect and blurry.

In June, Laurianne, Guillaume and Stéphane joined our team and we started working on the alpha version of our game.

It has been months of renegotiation and self-criticism regarding what had been accomplished so far. Some features and levels were set aside, others appeared.

In October, the gameplay was cool but yet perfectible. We are hardcore gamers and wanted this game to be awesome, so we kept on working, tested it again and again, until we reached something up to our expectations.

This week there were some major adjustments. Physics and network replication were improved, the shoot animation and the hitbox needed modifications, arenas were rescaled to fit the gameplay. And then something happened. Yesterday night, for the first time in six month, I had the stunning feeling that we got it. We got Sumocrats !

Because TAR is a fantastic team, this game is becoming a reality. And time as come to let the people know.

Bisous. Fabien.

PS : This was the first and last “I” post.